Balloonartist Bloony

"The Dutch word Feestbeest means Partyanimal. A Feestbeestje is a little partyanimal." With lots of pleasure and years of experience, we provide entertainment for any party where children are around. is powered by Sandra Chaudron, from Voorschoten, a beautiful town near the city of Leiden. Sandra started out as a make up artist, (in 1997) and in that time she was asked to do face painting at a birthday party. This was so much fun and such a succes that she decided to start a face painting business in 1998.

Later on she wanted to do something extra and started to twist balloonfigures. The clients loved that very much and through the years Sandra became a true Balloon Artist. In a very quick way and with lots of fun Bloony (Sandra's Balloon artist name) makes all kinds of balloon animals. Everything a child asks can be made. In their favorite colors ofcourse!

Balloontwisting & Facepainting

Bloony is available for all kind of parties and for all kind of audiences. She has experience with all ages, also with disabled children and the elderly. Bloony also teaches workshops, she is very flexible and any idea you have can be worked with.

You can choose all kinds of activities, like balloon twisting, face painting, glitter tattoos or a (mini) Balloonschool Workshop.

You're welcome! If you would like to have more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can email or call us anytime.

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